Quiz Inglese


#1. “It’s raining cats and dogs” in Italian means ______ :

#2. Choose the best phrase to complete this sentence:" I've been trying ____ with him all week, but he's never in the office and his mobile always seems to be busy

#3. “Furnishings” means _____ :

#4. _______ hours do you study at school?

#5. I have known my _______ friends.

#6. ____ quiet!

#7. ____ you ever been to Paris?

#8. My ______ is Rossi; my name is Marc.

#9. Choose the best phrase to complete this sentence: "Is Jane's ___ than Mary"?

#10. I’m ________ cinema on Sunday.

#11. Quale delle seguenti domande potrebbe essere rivolta ad un paziente per sapere se sta attualmente assumendo farmaci?

#12. I _______ Giulio five years ago.

#13. That was the ___ film I have ever seen in my life.

#14. The plural of word “spy” is ____ :

#15. My friends has ______ of money.

#16. Choose the best word o words to complete this sentence: "The manager doesn't let us ___ anything in the office. We eat and drink by the coffee machine in the corridor".

#17. I’m sorry but there_____trains to Paris on Sunday night.

#18. The opposite of “soft” is____:

#19. What time ___ it?

#20. Do you live in France?