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I’d like to know where…………?
... our expectations, the bank decided to grant us a mortgage to buy our first house.
Thank you for flying Budget Air. We hope you had a pleasant ____
Read that ___there! You must keep off the carpet!
You were ___ to do your homework today, and not to go out!
Quali tra questi NON è sinonimo di "Watch" ?
The dog seemed to chase ... ball forever
Let's leave. The film isn't interesting. In fact it's really ...
Can we have a table ___ the window?
Last year my sister won a singing____
"... the end of the race, we had an ice cream"
Is there ... airport in Trieste?
There’s a wonderful smell in the kitchen. Somebody must…………food for my birthday party.
What ____?". "He's a nurse.
Chinese is ... language in the world

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